The End of “Murmur”

As per this post and in anticipation of the forthcoming Audiograft 2012 festival, during each day in February 2011, a recording created during Audiograft 2011 will be played here as a Sound Diary entry. The whole series will act like an album of sonic snapshots from the festival; though without frames, without borders, and filled with the overspilling sounds of the surrounding world.

Today’s sound was recorded at the very end of Ray Lee’s piece, “Murmur”, which was playing in the Drama Studio throughout the festival. You can hear the whole piece here, but in this recording, you hear also the silence when the piece draws to its close; the buzzing, clattery sound of the electric lights in the Drama Studio being switched on; the dead atmosphere of the Drama Studio Building and the audience’s appreciative laughter as Lee explains that for the duration of his talk, the piece will not be activated as he has placed his hat over the sensor.

[mejsaudio src=”″]

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