Sonic Advent Calendar 2008

In 2008, either Felicity Ford or Paul Whitty recorded a sound every day throughout Advent and uploaded it to the Sound Diaries website. We have re-released this audio throughout Advent 2012 as part of our review of this website and the sounds we have collected together.






shopping for coffee – Paul Whitty, 01.12.2008

tinsel at poundworld – Felicity Ford, 02.12.2008

the great outdoors – Paul Whitty, 03.12.2008

loading the washing in the shed – Paul Whitty, 05.12.2008

rapid fire – Paul Whitty, 06.12.2008

sunday morning – Paul Whitty, 07.12.2008

a trip to the bottle bank – Felicity Ford, 08.12.2008

the wind in the last few leaves of an oak tree; a crow in the oak tree – Felicity Ford, 09.12.2008

servant bells in ditchling museum – Felicity Ford, 10.12.2008

many roosting birds in a tree beside a large road – Felicity Ford, 11.12.2008

ice melting onto a large plastic water barrel – Felicity Ford, 12.12.2008

waiting by the door in the crowded post office – Felicity Ford, 13.12.2008

the boiler, the washing machine and the dinner being served up – Felicity Ford, 14.12.2008

candle powered bells in the kitchen – Paul Whitty, 15.12.2008

boarding the bus, engines idling, punching tickets – Paul Whitty, 16.12.2008

upper crust, no blt, £15.75 change – Paul Whitty, 17.12.2008

in the town square – Paul Whitty, 18.12.2008

market day, closing time – Paul Whitty, 19.12.2008

frying tonight – Paul Whitty, 20.12.2008

missing lego brick – Paul Whitty, 21.12.2008

adjusting the position of decorations on the spiky christmas tree – Felicity Ford, 22.12.2008

the last minute supermarket dash – Felicity Ford, 23.12.2008

the fire starting to take – Felicity Ford, 24.12.2008

2 thoughts on “Sonic Advent Calendar 2008”

  1. I love these – just the sort of sounds I really enjoy. I have a few myself – one of my favourites is rain water pouring down a drain on the edge of a carpark in Farnham and I must get a recording of the pied wagtails going to roost in the hedge next to Waitrose! Your conversations of roosting sparrows is wonderful too.

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