Sonic Advent Calendar 2011

From the 1st – 24th December 2011, we revealed 24 seconds of sound from a warmer place here on the sound-diaries blog, taken mostly from Paul Whitty & Felicity Ford’s collections of holiday recordings.

The sounds can all be heard below.

1st December, the bells in Palazzo Zenobio, Venice, recorded by Paul Whitty.

2nd December, Flamenco Dancing in El Colono, Nerja, recorded by Felicity Ford.

3rd December, inside the aeroplane home from Naples, Italy, recorded by Felicity Ford.

4th December, the elevator in the Wolfsonian-FIU building, in Miami, USA, recorded by Felicity Ford.

5th December, ‘The Best Coffee Shop in Tallinn’ (as recommended by Stav) Tallinn, Estonia, recorded by Felicity Ford.

6th December, travelling down the Oxford Canal, UK, recorded by Felicity Ford.

7th December, the volcanic landscape of Solfatara, at Pozzuoli, Italy. The sound is of very hot, sulphurous steam escaping through a crack in the earth’s surface in a volcanic crater and was recorded by Felicity Ford.

8th December, a cricket (cicada?) in Nerja, Spain, inside a locked garage and heard through the metal door, recorded by Felicity Ford.

9th December, walking into the market at Sarlat, France, recorded by Paul Whitty.

10th December, Morris Dancers at Bunkfest, Wallingford, UK, recorded by Paul Whitty.

11th December, the safety doors opening and closing on Eurotunnel, recorded by Paul Whitty.

12th December, tiny wind-activated devices hanging in the window of a souvenir shop in Frigiliana, Spain, recorded by Felicity Ford.

13th December, a barbecue sizzling near Coly, France, recorded by Paul Whitty.

14th December, cicadas from summer nighttime in Samos, in Greece, recorded by Mike Blow.

15th December, the water wheel which once operated the Wool Mill in Llandysul,
Carmarthenshire, Wales, recorded by Felicity Ford.

16th December, a trebuchet demonstration at Castelnaud, France, recorded by Paul Whitty.

17th December, ropes straining on the Vaporetto on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, recorded by Paul Whitty.

18th December, a fountain which sits atop a hill, between a Church and a bar in Maro, near the Cuevas de Nerja, Spain, recorded by Felicity Ford.

19th December, a campfire on a beach in Seaside, Oregon, USA, shortly before the roasting of some marshmallows commenced, recorded by Paul Whitty.

20th December, in the New Forest near Brockenhurst, on a Summer afternoon, recorded by Paul Whitty.

21st December, a sultry, thunderous, midsummer cloudburst in Chassagne, France, recorded by Paul Whitty.

22nd December, birds and traffic in the parking area at an Airboat tour centre in the Everglades, Florida, USA, recorded by Felicity Ford.

23rd December, a street organ in Terrasson Lavilledieu, France, recorded by Paul Whitty.

24th December, a very old music box, originally created in Leipzig, and now belonging to Rose Fisher. This recording was made on a very hot day at the Woodcote Rally in Oxfordshire, by Felicity Ford. This sound also features in a radio show about the A4074 road in Oxfordshire, which was also recorded by Felicity Ford and which aired on BBC Oxford on Boxing Day, 2010.

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