Sewing socks in the Villakoda

This is the sound of socks being sewn in the Villakoda, or Wool workshop, in Mooste, Estonia.

The socks are machine-knitted in flat pieces of fabric using Estonian wool; the pieces are then sewn together by hand, also using Estonian wool.

Ville is the Estonian word for wool. In this recording you can hear the socks being sewn with careful concentration, and in the background, pieces of sheepskin are being cut and shaken out, for the creation of sheepskin mittens.

Estonian wool is quite coarse and thick, which means that you can hear the fibres quite audibly when they are worked together. The sound of the wool being drawn through the knitting expresses much about the character and surface of this beautiful Estonian wool, which is strong and in this case a wonderful, sheepy, grey colour.

This is the link to the workshop in Mooste where these Estonian wool products are made.