Walk 2012

During the London 2012 Olympic Games, Mark Stanley and Felicity Ford walked 187 miles between the Olympic Sailing Centre in Portland, Dorset, and the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, London. The journey took 12 days to complete with each day involving between 10 – 18 miles of walking. The purpose for the walk was to establish a long-distance path linking two major sites connected with the Olympic Games, and to personally undertake a fitness challenge during them.

Throughout the walk, Felicity created many recordings on her Edirol R-09, documenting the experience in sound. The collected sounds were presented on this site throughout the London 2012 Paralympic Games and can now be heard below.

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/8328be2c-e926-cf46-efcd-fbba478495c1/1/00_27.07.12_wyke-regis.mp3″]
00 – All the Bells, All Saints Church, Wyke Regis, Weymouth, 27th July, 2012
Local bell ringers at All Saints Church in Wyke Regis, Weymouth, participating in Martin Creed’s ‘work no. 1197: All the bells’ on July 27th, 2012 and ringing in the first day of the London 2012 Olympic Games

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/cde8e8fc-7ee3-9437-a877-3b7b2a7df5e5/1/01_27.07.12_weymouth-beach.mp3″]
01 – Fireworks on Weymouth Beach, 27th July, 2012
Fireworks at the end of a beach party at Weymouth on 27th July 2012, held to celebrate the official opening of the London 2012 Olympic Games

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/1cc4eec9-dc37-f02c-a1c4-ba927a6639ac/1/02_28.07.12_osmington-mills.mp3″]
02 – The stream at Osmington Mills, 28th July, 2012
The end of a lunch break at Osmington Mills, at the Smuggler’s Inn pub. A small stream runs past the pub, and walkers joining the Walk 2012 walk from Weymouth to Stratford enjoyed a refreshing lunch break beside it

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/67491abf-bbae-5eb9-1170-b673fc32de67/1/03_29.07.12_durdle-door-rookery.mp3″]
03 – The rookery at Durdle Door campsite, 29th July, 2012
The first sound heard on the second day of Walk 2012 – the Rookery in the trees above our camping spot at Durdle Door campsite

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/434b87cc-3084-27a2-a5a2-23a02fa5aaed/1/04_29.07.12_durdle-door-zipper.mp3″]
04 – Unzipping the tent at Durdle Door campsite, 29th July, 2012
Opening the tent at Durdle Door campsite, ready for the second day of walking the Walk 2012 route from Portland to Stratford

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/fa1c1cdb-dafb-bc07-418a-041b192ba7c0/1/05_29.07.12_lulworth-cove-waves.mp3″]
05 – Waves at Lulworth Cove, 29th July, 2012
The waves lapping at the shoreline of Lulworth Cove – one of the first destinations on day 2 of the Walk 2012 12-day / 187 mile route from Portland to Stratford

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/cc403bd6-330a-fa87-c8a2-f9534d9c0761/1/06_29.07.12_lulworth-cove-pebbles.mp3″]
06 – Walking on the pebbles at Lulworth Cove, 29th July, 2012
Walking on pebbles at Lulworth Cove – one of the first destinations on day 2 of the Walk 2012 12-day / 187 mile route from Portland to Stratford

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/2e298636-deba-c9f9-cf3b-859f2bed5df6/1/07_29.07.12_corfe.mp3″]
07 – Lost lamb on the path to Corfe, 29th July, 2012
A lost lamb encountered during day 2 of Walk 2012 on the path just before Corfe

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/f71b87e5-668a-73b4-bc0d-a2570052e0cc/1/08_30.07.12_lytchett-matravers-rapeseed.mp3″]
08 – Wading through fields of sharp, dry crops of rapeseed between Lytchett Matravers and Charborough Park on the way to Sturminster Marshall, July 30th, 2012
Walking through a field of dried, brittle rapeseed somewhere near Lytchett Matravers, on the way to Sturminster Marshall, during Walk 2012

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/23e063fe-eeb3-249a-4797-834e6804ef88/1/09_31.07.12_wimborne-snoring.mp3″]
09 – Snoring in a tent in the early morning hours, Lake Farm campsite, Wimborne, 31st July, 2012
One of the familiar nocturnal sounds heard during the camping portions of Walk 2012

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/f79ea240-2700-706a-84e2-1d25192342c1/1/10_31.07.12_wimborne-raining.mp3″]
10 – Rain on a tent just before getting up, Lake Farm campsite, Wimborne, 31st July, 2012
One of the distinctive weather sounds associated with camping on a long-distance walk, this rain was recorded at Wimborne, at the start of day 4 of Walk 2012

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/b5b7053e-e7f4-952f-3f8c-a4dfd79d3753/1/11_31.07.12_newforest-ponies.mp3″]
11 – Encountering wild ponies, New Forest, 31st July, 2012
An encounter with wild ponies in The New Forest during day 4 of Walk 2012

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/90778d43-ab16-81c0-7d26-06b7082b286a/1/12_01.08.12_newforest-campsite.mp3″]
12 – Chatting and cooking at Red Shoot campsite, New Forest, 1st August, 2012
The temporary domesticity of camping during a long-distance walk; talking about laundry arrangements on the site and preparing to cook breakfast on a lightweight camping stove

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/b2ed5261-6eff-c888-fb80-4a7f61f6680b/1/13_01.08.12_romsey-cashpoint.mp3″]
13 – Arriving at our destination to the sounds of the bell practice, and taking money from the cashpoint, Romsey, 1st August, 2012
The sounds of bell ringing and obtaining cash from an electronic cashpoint in Romsey, the end point for day 5 of Walk 2012

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/25966adb-29bf-47a1-9ab6-39945a897d0d/1/14_01.08.12_romsey-naz%27s-indian-restaurant.mp3″]
14 – Naz’s Indian Restaurant, Romsey, 1st August, 2012
The ambient sounds at Naz’s Indian Restaurant, an eatery lying along the Walk 2012 route, in Romsey

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/07d825ce-f55f-2d96-0b99-4ab47a07b06a/1/15_02.08.12_romsey-bbc-solent.mp3″]
15 – 7am telephone interview with BBC Solent, Romsey, 2nd August, 2012
Mark Stanley gives a live telephone interview to BBC Solent from a B&B in Romsey

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/74fce801-6948-f68a-1026-774c383e6072/1/16_03.08.12_bishop%27s-sutton-sheep.mp3″]
16 – Ewes calling for their rams, heard on Two Hoots campsite, Bishop’s Sutton, 3rd August, 2012
The sound of ewes calling for their lambs (they had been taken to the abattoir earlier that day) in the fields next to Two Hoots campsite at Bishop’s Sutton

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/10a04ca3-9159-bb91-5d8c-eae66499f9c1/1/17_04.08.12_ropley-day8-log.mp3″]
17 – Catching up on the walk’s progress, near Ropley, 4th August, 2012
A short log detailing some particulars of Day 8 of Walk 2012

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/1694321c-916f-42f4-55e0-3ae5e05764db/1/18_05.08.12_bentley-rain-on-tent.mp3″]
18 – Waking up to the sound of rain on the tent, Bentley, 5th August, 2012
One of the distinctive weather sounds associated with camping on a long-distance walk, this rain was recorded at Bentley, at the start of day 9 of Walk 2012

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/291f97ca-ba6f-4ee6-075e-66ba69aaeae6/1/19_05.08.12_north-downs-way-wild-plums.mp3″]
19 – Picking wild plums along the North Downs Way on the way to Puttenham, 5th August, 2012
There were wild plums growing at the fringes of a meadow along the North Downs Way, this recording was made while the plums were being picked

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/1556277a-6e7f-d2d3-f407-c622a7ae2900/1/20_06.08.12_puttenham-camping-barn-catch-up.mp3″]
20 – Catching up on blisters and the route outside the camping barn, Puttenham, 6th August, 2012
Day 10 of Walk 2012 begins at Puttenham camping barn, in this recording, the state of Mark Stanley’s feet and the route for the day are discussed

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/f57dff12-7c9d-7fd3-06b8-3eb4bee30a6b/1/21_07.08.12_weybridge-ping-pong.mp3″]
21 – Ping Pong in the recreation room at the campsite, Chertsey, 7th August, 2012
A game of ping-pong in the recreation room at the campsite in Weybridge, where walkers participating in Walk 2012 camped on the evening of day 10

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/4ea351fd-f902-3fe9-abc2-1f5f6276d593/1/22_08.08.12_thames-big-ben-strikes-one.mp3″]
22 – Big Ben striking one as we passed it, on the Thames, 8th August, 2012
On day 12 of Walk 2012, the route passes by the houses of parliament and Big Ben, when the walk was undertaken during the London 2012 Olympic Games, the walkers passed the clock at 1pm precisely

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/7821af9d-d371-c310-19a3-0712fecf0d39/1/23_08.08.12_southbank-busker.mp3″]
23 – Ukelele busker playing along the Southbank, 8th August, 2012
A busking ukelele player heard in the early afternoon along the Southbank on day 12 of Walk 2012

[mejsaudio src=”https://radar.brookes.ac.uk/radar/file/6f98c3df-cf73-9ad0-9880-ab76a5c073fc/1/24_08.08.12_olympic-stadium-men%27s-200m-semi-finals.mp3″]
24 – One round of the men’s 200m semi-finals, Athletics, Olympic Stadium, Stratford, 8th August, 2012
The sound of one round of the men’s 200m semi-finals inside the London 2012 Olympic Stadium, where the walkers participating in Walk 2012 found themselves by happy chance on the last day of their 187 mile walk

You can read more about Walk 2012 here.