Sonic Advent Calendar 2016


This year sees the return of
the SARU sonic advent calendar.
The purpose of this year’s recorded revelations is to
meditate on what it means to hear or listen to a threshold
of some kind or the act of moving from space to space, so
that listening to each sound will be like opening the next flap on
the advent calendar you keep in the kitchen over the Christmas period.


1 December – A music box display at Fortnum & Mason recorded by Martin Nutt


2 December – Walking past one of the butchers in the Oxford Covered Market by Harriet Butler


3 December – Taking the lift in Debenhams by Harriet Butler


4 December – Leaving Brightwell Church by Paul Whitty


5 December – The village shop by Paul Whitty


6 December – Polly opening her advent calendar by Gary Charles


7 December – The crackle of Abingdon frost by Gary Charles


8 December – In the bowels of the Oxford Playhouse by Laurence Colbert


9 December – The short walk from the Abercrombie to the John Henry Brookes building by Paul Whitty


10 December – Walking along Ship Street towards Cornmarket by Harriet Butler


11 December – Leaving the house by Harriet Butler


12 December – Ash tree on Brown Clee Hill, Shropshire by Patrick Farmer


13 December – Mallards on the banks of the River Severn, Shropshire by Patrick Farmer


14 December – Melting ice in my kitchen, Shropshire by Patrick Farmer


15 December – Reverberating air and distant football match by Paul Whitty


16 December – Leaving Headington Hill Hall by Paul Whitty


17 December – Negotiating the automatic doors by Paul Whitty


18 December – By a farm gate at the edge of Ferncott, Oxfordshire, by day by Harriet Butler


19 December – By a farm gate at the edge of Ferncott, Oxfordshire, by night by Harriet Butler


20 December – Butter dish wish by Gary Charles


21 December – Purring cat in the hallway by Paul Whitty


22 December – Returning home by Harriet Butler


23 December – Waves at Havencliff, Devon by Harriet Butler


24 December – Pheasant in the garden, Axmouth Devon by Harriet Butler