Untaping the windows at MoKS

In order to dye yarn, it was necessary to make the space well-ventilated.

This involved taking the tape away from the edges of a window at MoKS, which had been taped shut to keep the heat in during the cold Winter months.

Only once the tape had been removed could the windows be opened, to allow the fumes from the dyebath to escape out of the space.

Early Aeolian Device

As per this post and in anticipation of the forthcoming Audiograft 2012 festival, during each day in February 2011, a recording created during Audiograft 2011 will be played here as a Sound Diary entry. The whole series will act like an album of sonic snapshots from the festival; though without frames, without borders, and filled with the overspilling sounds of the surrounding world.

Today’s sound was recorded outside the Richard Hamilton Building during Max Eastley’s talk. It features Max demonstrating the sound of a very early Aeolian Device, people taking photos, some kind of maintenance vehicle traversing the car-park, traffic, birdsong, and Eastley articulating the idea that our first musical instruments were Aeolian devices, and may have been discovered through the creation and use of spears.

[mejsaudio src=”http://www.sound-diaries.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/06-max-eastley-device.mp3″]