Making Sound Diaries as Sonic Fieldwork: 25th October, Centre for Musical Research, Bath Spa University

At 1pm on 25th October at The Centre for Musical Research at Bath Spa University, Felicity Ford will give a presentation entitled Making Sound Diaries as Sonic Fieldwork. The CMR’s Research Forum series takes place on Thursdays from 1-2pm in Room G18, next to the Michael Tippett Centre.

Focussing on the UK Soundmap project, the creation of a “Sonic Time Capsule” for the sound diaries website, and the composition of a soundtrack for a 1930s silent film for the Wellcome Library and The British Film Institute, (Bathing & Dressing, Parts 1 & 2) this presentation will explore:

  • The production of Sound Diaries as an aid to composition
  • Sounds as descriptors of history/the sonic texture of different eras in time
  • Working with institutions/sound as information, text, data and record
  • Emergent listening cultures/the iPod or mp3 player as a reference library
  • The street and the house as the sound artists’ studio/field-recording as drawing or note-taking
  • Participating in other people’s work/getting people to participate in your work

A key focus will be how disparate creative activities – consultation, listening, making field-recordings, running websites and blogs, archiving files and participating in other people’s projects – can inspire new compositional approaches and new contexts for the sound artist to operate and present work within.

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