Twenty-Eight Empty Fields #26 : Loyd Recreation Park, Didcot

Recreation Grounds, Playing Fields and Village Greens have fallen silent – football isn’t happening. A twenty-eight day suspension is in place as part of measures to reduce the incidence of Covid-19. On each of the twenty-eight days I will be visiting a football pitch and recording the sounding absence of football.

Loyd Recreation Park, Didcot

23.39 …that’s going to Didcot

On a recent visit to Berlin to perform it pays my way and it corrodes my soul with Stephen Cornford at LEAP, I made these recordings. Whenever I could I stopped and recorded my situation from the raucous queue outside a nightclub in Oxford to the escalators at Stansted and a Mexican dinner in Berlin. The recordings were made using an Edirol R-09HR.

Extra context here.

[mejsaudio src=”…thats-going-to-Didcot.mp3″]
23.39 …that’s going to Didcot