Lizzie King

I am looking at the human and non human communities that use Peel Park.  Founded in 1845 by public subscription Peel Park has a long history of being a place of nature and meeting for the people of the industrial city of Salford.  The park is surrounded by the University of Salford, family housing, and local businesses and is a hub of everyday community activity. There are over 25 species of trees, different faunas, a river running alongside it with different water fowl living in it, bats, foxes, and many other different types of non-human life. The human and the non human parallel communities living in the park, are the focus on the diary and the places of sound intersection are where my recordings are taking place.  The park run through a contact mics on trees, the rushing and trickling of underwater where the ducks sit and get fed, the chatter of the birds over the sound of football matches and the play area; these are the noises that I am looking to record, the places humans and non humans share a sonic space.

I am an artist who works with photographic processes and sound. Place, experimental methods, and sustainable and ethical practices are main points of interest in my practice as I look to examine the ‘human-centred universe.’ I often work outdoors and examine the relationship between humans and non-human species. I am exploring ways of working that allow for co-creation between myself and other species. My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and has been supported by University of Salford Art Collection and Open Eye Gallery.