Irene Trejo

each drop carries a story-sound

Inspired by the chapter of Witness to the rain from Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer, I am developing a diary of rain. Water is a network carrying stories from not only past, present and future, but from different dimensions. It is a matter where all realities united can be perceived, yet exist in their difference. When it rains, we are all touched by it. Even when being under a roof. The stories that fall from the clouds are transformed by the bodies they touch and affect us all.

However, rain is not one thing. It is composed of drops that fall at different tempos and rhythms; that have different forms and sizes. Every drop carries a different story and sounds different depending on what it touches and where it is disintegrated with a splash. Every drop is changed by its relation with …

I want to listen to the sound of a drop falling into different bodies/places I relate with within life – including my own body – to listen to the stories they bring and sound in more attention. To listen to our relations more intentionally.

Transdisciplinary poet and researcher from Mexico based in Berlin. Her/their practice focuses on the exploration of different relational forms and translanguage through sound and embodied listening – playing with layers, possibility, memory, dreams, identity, poetry, and various creative processes. Irene waters Ecotonalismo Fluido (@fluidecotonalism), a collaborative and transversal proposal exploring relation and feeling between liquid ecotones. And she creates sonorous poetry-experiments under the alias “merma suelo”, having released her debut album with Ecuatorian label +ambién this 2023. Recipient of the “Ladridos” residency with Other People label & Grieta (Chile).

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