Lucía Hinojosa

Constellation Sound Memory

Extract from Forgetting (1993) (below) featured in Recording Life In Sound (SARU 2019).

Lucía Hinojosa (Mexico City, 1987) is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and editor. Her practice develops through a series of conceptual, ephemeral gestures and performative trajectories as a method of investigation that results in a corpus of visual, sonic, and text- based works. She studied Visual & Critical Studies at SVA in New York City, and did the SOMA two-year program in Mexico City. Her work has been exhibited at various galleries and art spaces like Sector 2337 (Chicago); Grice Bench Gallery (Los Angeles); Centro de la Imagen (Mexico City); Anthology Film Archives (New York); Chalton Gallery (London). In 2013 she co-founded diSONARE, an independent editorial project. Her writing has appeared in different publications in Mexico and abroad.