Joana Burd

Vibration Eavesdropper: navigating felt frequencies, 2024

Over the last decade, my odyssey has been intimately entwined with the exploration of vibrational phenomena, through the medium of sound sculptures, installations, and interactive video pieces that probe intricate textures of our auditory landscape. 

My proposal for this project is to capture the omnipresent yet often overlooked vibrations that constitute the backdrop of our daily lives. Venturing in different cities that I cross, my goal is to document the subtle low frequencies that permeate our environment, crafting an immersive audio experience that encapsulates these vibrations in a format accessible to a broader audience. 

This will be achieved through a microphone technology capable of capturing a vast spectrum of frequencies, including the elusive infrasound, complemented by the creation of a graphic partiture that visually represents sonic encounters. This methodological approach is not merely technical, but imbued with a desire to translate the complex interplay of sensory experiences into a tangible and tactile auditory narrative.

Envisioning how this auditory journey might be experienced through headsets, I perceive it as a theatrical portrayal of the reality I’ve captured. In my quest to faithfully record and reproduce the subtleties of air movements and deep, low frequencies, I am committed to transcoding the energy of vast sound waves into the intimate realm of earphones, thereby offering a variable deep listening experience.

Artist, educator and researcher of haptic aesthetics. Graduated in Visual Arts in 2014 (UFRGS, Brazil) and Master in Visual Poetics in 2018 (UFRGS, Brazil). She is currently a doctoral student at the University of Barcelona, where she is also teaching Sound Art disciplines. Currently Burd is a member of the research groups: ‘Connected Bodies II. New processes of creation and diffusion of the practices of identity artists in non-presentiality'(UB, ES) and ‘Biohybrid Bodies: a sociological framework for living with Living Machines” (UCL, UK). Joana has presented seven solo exhibitions, in the past year she exhibited her work in London (UCL/IKlectik), SBCAST (Santa Barbara, CA, USA), RIW Rio Innovation Week (Rio de Janeiro, BR) and Atelie397 / Galeria Vermelho (São Paulo, BR).

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