Estonian Sheep/Eesti Maalammas

Here is the sound of the flock of sheep which lives on Jaani Talu – one of the most wonderful places in all of Estonia – where Joel and Julika Roos keep Estonian Native Sheep; Åland Sheep; Swedish Finewool Sheep; Estonian Native Ruhnu Sheep; and various cross-bred animals which they are developing themselves in order to improve the quality of wool grown on their farm. Julika is a member of Hea Villa Selts, which means Good Wool Society, and there will be more information about the wool produced from the Jaani Talu flock in coming days on Felicity Ford’s blog.

Here is Joel and Julika’s blog, and here are their sheep. The huge variety in the colours of the sheep at Jaani Talu is matched only by the range of sounds they produce!

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