Sound Diaries Newspaper

As part of the Audiograft 2013 Sound Diaries festivities, we published a newspaper! You can download it here or read it below, and it contains our most recent call for conference submissions, drawings of Sonic Breakfasts by children at Fir Tree Primary School in Wallingford, interviews with James Saunders and Valeria Merlini, and some writings by Paul Whitty about the sounds that are imminent in the objects all around us, and working on the soundtrack for the film based on Roma Tearne’s book, The Swimmer. There are also some archives from the SOUND BANK republished in the newspaper, and a heartfelt essay about the EDIROL R-09 which has provided the necessary hardware for so many of the sounds you can enjoy here.

We hope you like the Sound Diaries Newspaper!

Sound Diaries Newspaper #1 by Felicity Ford

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