Christ Church Bells, heard from four directions

I thought today I could share with you 4 recordings which detail the bells of Christ Church, Oxford, being rung by the Oxford Society Of Change Ringers, as heard along the different trajectories of North, East, South and West. The recordists for this exploration of the bells’ reach were respectively Dimitri Batsis (N), Felicity Ford (E), Sam Kidel (S) and Victoria Bosher (W). The recordings are held on RADAR.

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North – recorded by Dimitri Batsis

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East – recorded by Felicity Ford

[mejsaudio src=”″]
South – recorded by Sam Kidel

[mejsaudio src=”″]
West – recorded by Victoria Bosher

The bells of Christ Church, as heard from 4 different compass points, and rung beautifully by the Oxford Society of Change Ringers. You can hear the final recordings through four pairs of stereo speakers coinciding with the compass points at Audiograft 2014, during the Sound Diaries concert on Thursday 13th March.

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