Marlo De Lara

Leeds Art Gallery Cafe

Extract from aural investigation of everyday Britain (below) featured in Recording Life In Sound (SARU 2019).

Born in Baltimore, MD, artist Marlo De Lara received a PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds. Her research addresses subjects relating to the representation of marginalized populations and creative work as political action. Her artistic practice works within the realms of sound performance and film. Since the 2000s, her films and live improvisations have been screened and performed internationally. Under the Marlo Eggplant alias, her audio/visual compositions and performances aim to blur the definitions of the (un)intentional. As founder/organizer of the Ladyz in Noyz (LIN) international collective, an ongoing project from 2008 to the present, she continues to promote emerging artists/musicians who are women/LGBTQIA+/underrepresented.

IG/Twitter @marlodewawa

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