All Terrain #5

Sound heard: quiet breathing from rest

Name of track: Breath from skull 27.05

(Listen With Headphones)

Stethoscope contact: skull at the back – top right of head


Bristol UK (Latitude 51.4690527°, Longitude -2.5829104°.)

(Listen With Headphones)

Accompanying text from distant place:

“…they (the waves) look so calm and tranquil from the shade of swaying palm. Like the relaxed breathing of the ocean, each wavy exhalation ceaselessly following the last.”

Haleiwa Hawaii (Latitude 21.4578° N, Longitude – 157.8302° W.)


Gavin Pretor-Pinney  – The Wave Watcher’s Companion. Pub. Penguin Group (USA) Inc.(2010), p.17

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