Diana Lola Posani

My project focuses on imagination as a tool to reconnect foreign listeners with the new acoustic reality around them.

After moving from my hometown to a completely different acoustic environment my sonic reality has become a continuous interpretration of the daily sounds of the other inhabitants of my alley. Occasionally when I don’t recognize a sound, I look out the window trying to escape from this feeling of alienation.

Even more often, however, I stay inside the house and imagine the source of the sound. My research intent is to rediscover the wonder that guides children in navigating their way through a still unfamiliar world, using imagination as a compass and a stitching tool between inner and outer sounds.
The intention is not to delimit the sounds by attributing to them an interpretation ( even if an imaginative one) but to open up the boundaries of listening through poetic ambiguity, which breaks the logical connections of meaning in order to create new ones.

The very action of recording is an act of alienation, of tearing away from the “here and now” of the sound event.

I want to take this alienation and use it as an expressive tool, to re-imagine reality. 

Diana Lola Posani is a sound artist, independent curator and Deep Listening facilitator certified by the Deep Listening Foundation. She performs internationally and debuted on Fango Radio in 2022 with the podcast Kaikokaipuu. Her work has been presented at Errant Sound (Berlin), Tsonami Sound Art Festival (Valparaiso), I AM UNDONE festival (Oslo), Short Theatre (Rome), as well as in museums such as Palazzo Fabroni (Pistoia), MACRO museum (Rome), and MADRE museum (Naples). In her work the voice is used as a narrative sign, a gateway that allows a glimpse of fragments of emotional worlds that unravel in pure sound. Her vocal experimentation focuses on the co-creative relationship between unamplified voice and space and on the metamorphic possibilities offered by extreme vocal techniques.
She is also the curator of AKRIDA, a nomadic sound art festival presenting international artists with female and non-binary identities, and translator of the Italian editions of Pauline Oliveros’ books “Deep Listening” and “Quantum Listening” published by Timeo publishing house in 2023.