Lost & Found: – found sound – lost recording

During Catherine Laws’s performance, featuring work by Juliana Hodkinson, I recorded a breathtaking combination of sounds, a melange of performance sounds, audience noises and sounds of the Building. Almost inaudible, gently touched, piano keys/tones, a crescendo from a squeaking toy pig – woven together with the sound of exited shuffling feet, singing creaking floorboards and the bell-clear laughter of a young female audience, captured in a moment and lost forever. I did not realize that the flash card had only very limited capacity, recorded generously and when full, thankfully accepted a spare card from a workshop member. I did not check before use and recorded happily on a full flash card. My recorder did not indicate the full card.

This post is by Christina Bringmann-Smith and is a text-based recording of sounds heard during the Lost & Found Concert at the Holywell Music Room during Audiograft 2012