Mark demonstrating Mike Blow’s “Shower Piece”

As per this post and in anticipation of the forthcoming Audiograft 2012 festival, during each day in February 2011, a recording created during Audiograft 2011 will be played here as a Sound Diary entry. The whole series will act like an album of sonic snapshots from the festival; though without frames, without borders, and filled with the overspilling sounds of the surrounding world.

In this recording, we get an insight into the realities of documenting a sound art festival! Mark Stanley is instructed to demonstrate operate Mike Blow’s “Shower Piece” while Felicity Ford records the sounds. You can hear microphone handling and directionality, Mike’s speakers blasting out the recorded sounds of a bathroom shower, and the hum of vending machines in the foyer above the ground floor where “Shower Piece” was installed.

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