All Terrain #7

Sound heard: breath before sleep:inhalation and exhalation through nose

Name of track: Breath before sleep 08.06.

Stethoscope contact: on bone – right side of nose

(Listen with Headphones)


Bristol UK (Latitude 51.4690527°, Longitude 2.5829104°.)

(Listen With Headphones)

Accompanying text from distant place:

“In the evening, the lights on the ward are dimmed, and those in the rooms are switched off… You have to look more at, what shall I say, you listen more to their breathing when the patient is asleep, if it changes in any way, or some other disturbing element in the patient, maybe more often, and then you have to, because there’s no light you might not see any variation in colour (in the patient) but you may – you feel..” (A nurse Interviewed; 2008)

Stockholm Sweden (Latitude: 59.3513 Longitude: 18.0260.)

Reference: Working in dim light.

Night nursing – staff’s working experiences Published: 31.10.2008

(accessed on line 08.06.2020)