All Terrain #9

Sound heard: ligaments on spine, footfalls, an airplane and room sounds.

Name of track:  Walking mechanics 23.06

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Stethoscope contact: base of spine


Bristol UK (Latitude 51.4690527°, Longitude 2.5829104°.)

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Accompanying text from distant place:

“I believe that in the coming hours we will have to consider the possibility of a complete ban on outdoor activities,” Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora told state broadcaster RAI.

The government lockdown banned all non-essential travel, but allowed people to take solitary daily exercise, if needed. Looking to enforce the restrictions, police have stopped more than one million people over the past week and booked almost 43,000 for violating the rules, the interior ministry said.

“If the call to stay at home is not heeded, we will be forced to impose an absolute ban,” he said. (Yara Nardi)


Bergamo North Italy (Latitude 45.8578° N, Longitude 9.8820° E.)


Accessed online 23.06.2020