All Terrain #11

Sound heard: brushing against texture of hair

Name of track: Hair_texture15.07.2020

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Stethoscope contact: variable pressure on to and round head 


Bristol UK (Latitude 51.4690527°, Longitude -2.5829104°.)

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Accompanying text from distant place:

A note to my black sistahs

My hair doesn’t need to be told to relax…
or need to be pressed, or weakened
So that it can fly in the wind
Or be flung over the shoulder
I’d rather carry the weight
Like a boulder

Means I’m strong enough
Bold enough
To walk along with my black sisters
Queens of Kemet
I feel the need to connect
With these roots

Rachel Registe

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 at 9:20 AM

Dominican Republic (Latitude 18.7357 °N, Longitude 70.1627 °W.)

Reference: POEM: A note to my black sistahs

(accessed online 15.07.2020)

All Terrain #9

Sound heard: ligaments on spine, footfalls, an airplane and room sounds.

Name of track:  Walking mechanics 23.06

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Stethoscope contact: base of spine


Bristol UK (Latitude 51.4690527°, Longitude 2.5829104°.)

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Accompanying text from distant place:

“I believe that in the coming hours we will have to consider the possibility of a complete ban on outdoor activities,” Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora told state broadcaster RAI.

The government lockdown banned all non-essential travel, but allowed people to take solitary daily exercise, if needed. Looking to enforce the restrictions, police have stopped more than one million people over the past week and booked almost 43,000 for violating the rules, the interior ministry said.

“If the call to stay at home is not heeded, we will be forced to impose an absolute ban,” he said. (Yara Nardi)


Bergamo North Italy (Latitude 45.8578° N, Longitude 9.8820° E.)


Accessed online 23.06.2020

All Terrain #8

All Terrain #8

Sound heard: friction of stethoscope drawn along skin  

Name of track: Skin surface tension15.06.

Stethoscope contact: left ankle and top of foot  

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Bristol UK (Latitude 51.4690527°, Longitude 2.5829104°.)

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 Accompanying text from distant place:

Pampaputi – (For Whitening)

You become obsessed
with papaya soap.
12 years old.

they say.
for your armpits.
for your elbows.
for your knees.
for your…

“Kung maputi ka lang,”
(if only).

You become obsessed
with hiding.
Arms in long sweaters (from the sun)
Wide brim hats (from the sun)
Your whole body (from the look in their eyes,
the taunting smiles, and the titas with papaya).

“Kung ‘di ka lang maitim”
(if only).

You become weary.
(of orange soap)
21 years old.

“Masyado kang nasa labas! Umiitim ka na!”
(tama na)

Eyebrows raised,
hands poised to push away,
face turned to the side,
and you say
“What’s so wrong about me?”

Eyes shut,
hands on your skin,
“para sa puti”.

Because even here,
your brown skin,
would be so much better,
would be so much nicer,
would be so much
(if only)
you were maputi.

–         f.d

by Nicki Minaj

Saint James Trinidad (10.6744° N, 61.5326° W)


(accessed on line 15.06.2020)

All Terrain #3

Sound heard: slow breath while working and moving

Name of track: Breath Near Ear 19.05

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Stethoscope contact:held under ear


Bristol UK (Latitude 51.4690527°, Longitude -2.5829104°.)

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Accompanying text from distant place:

“Catch the wind in your mouth. Release it at a later time.”(Ronsen. J)


Chicago USA (Latitude 41.8781°, Longitude -87.6298°.)


Josh Ronsen –  The Long and Windy Road. Found in, The Windy Scores: 2012. Pub.FluxFest Chicago2012, p.63