All Terrain #8

All Terrain #8

Sound heard: friction of stethoscope drawn along skin  

Name of track: Skin surface tension15.06.

Stethoscope contact: left ankle and top of foot  

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Bristol UK (Latitude 51.4690527°, Longitude 2.5829104°.)

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 Accompanying text from distant place:

Pampaputi – (For Whitening)

You become obsessed
with papaya soap.
12 years old.

they say.
for your armpits.
for your elbows.
for your knees.
for your…

“Kung maputi ka lang,”
(if only).

You become obsessed
with hiding.
Arms in long sweaters (from the sun)
Wide brim hats (from the sun)
Your whole body (from the look in their eyes,
the taunting smiles, and the titas with papaya).

“Kung ‘di ka lang maitim”
(if only).

You become weary.
(of orange soap)
21 years old.

“Masyado kang nasa labas! Umiitim ka na!”
(tama na)

Eyebrows raised,
hands poised to push away,
face turned to the side,
and you say
“What’s so wrong about me?”

Eyes shut,
hands on your skin,
“para sa puti”.

Because even here,
your brown skin,
would be so much better,
would be so much nicer,
would be so much
(if only)
you were maputi.

–         f.d

by Nicki Minaj

Saint James Trinidad (10.6744° N, 61.5326° W)


(accessed on line 15.06.2020)

All Terrain #2

recordings & text by Shirley Pegna

Sound heard: changing texture of skin

Name of track: Skin Surface 17.05

(Listen With Headphones)

Stethoscope contact – moving over skin of arm and wrist


Bristol UK (Latitude 51.4690527°, Longitude -2.5829104°.)

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Accompanying text from distant place:

Thought’s surface is word

Word’s surface is gesture

Gesture’s surface is skin

Skin’s surface is shiver

Pavlova.V: 2004

Moscow USSR (Latitude 55.755825°, Longitude -37.617298°.)


Vera Pavlova Thought’s surface:word. Found in, If There Is Something To Desire. (2010) Pub.New York Alfred A. Kopfe, p.90