All Terrain #2

recordings & text by Shirley Pegna

Sound heard: changing texture of skin

Name of track: Skin Surface 17.05

(Listen With Headphones)

Stethoscope contact – moving over skin of arm and wrist


Bristol UK (Latitude 51.4690527°, Longitude -2.5829104°.)

(Listen With Headphones)

Accompanying text from distant place:

Thought’s surface is word

Word’s surface is gesture

Gesture’s surface is skin

Skin’s surface is shiver

Pavlova.V: 2004

Moscow USSR (Latitude 55.755825°, Longitude -37.617298°.)


Vera Pavlova Thought’s surface:word. Found in, If There Is Something To Desire. (2010) Pub.New York Alfred A. Kopfe, p.90